Enhance Diablo III With Advanced Ambient Occlusion Shadowing

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Following a long twelve-year wait a new Diablo is finally on sale, much to the delight of mouse manufacturers everywhere! On the graphics front, you can make Diablo III look that bit better by downloading the latest NVIDIA GeForce drivers to unlock immersive Ambient Occlusion shadowing, as shown below in our interactive comparison.

Click to view an interactive comparison.

To enable this impressive effect, open the NVIDIA Control Panel, browse to ‘Manage 3D Settings’, locate the Diablo III profile in the list, and select one of the Ambient Occlusion quality settings before clicking ‘Apply'.

The R300 GeForce driver can also be leveraged to smooth out any jagged edges in Diablo III using NVIDIA Control Panel FXAA anti-aliasing, an AA technique that is up to 60% faster than Multisample Anti-Aliasing, as used by Blizzard in their long-awaited threequel. Like Ambient Occlusion, FXAA can be enabled through the Diablo III profile in the 'Manage 3D Settings' section of the NVIDIA Control Panel.

For more info on FXAA anti-aliasing check out our NVIDIA GeForce 301.24 driver article, and be sure to let us know how Diablo III runs on your system using the comments section below.