DICE: ‘It’s good to be back on the PC’

September 23, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

EuroGamer Expo is in full swing here in London, letting gamers play all the upcoming games that will be setting the sales charts on fire. The biggest draw at the show is Battlefield 3, which is playable on all three platforms, and has people queuing for several hours to play a fifteen-minute, sixteen-player multiplayer match.

Amidst the furious fragging, NVIDIA’s Ben Berraondo spoke to Karl-Magnus Troedsson, General Manager of DICE, the studio responsible for the massively anticipated title (a recent news release stated that 1.5 million copies have already been pre-ordered).

“It’s awesome,” says Troedsson when asked about receiving direct feedback from fans who have played the version on show here at EuroGamer Expo. “Hearing back from the community that they actually like what they see… Some people are really into the visuals, some people are completely snowed in when it comes to audio, some people are just worried about the game, etc… All the feedback we get is really freakin’ cool.”

With release fast approaching the other members of Troedsson’s team are answering more and more questions about all elements of the game. In a response to a tweet, DICE’s Global Battlefield Community Manager, Daniel Matros, said that gamers will need two GeForce GTX 580s to run Battlefield 3 with Ultra graphics settings enabled. This was after first revealing that the Recommended System Requirements, announced a few days ago, are suitable for running the game on high settings. So, as Magnusson suggests, it’s “time to start building rigs at home.”

For more on Battlefield 3 check out our game page, and make sure to send Troedsson some more feedback when the beta begins next week.