Evolve Pits Human Hunters Against a Towering Monstrosity in 4v1 Battles

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Turtle Rock Studios has pulled the curtain back on Evolve, its next-generation multiplayer shooter in which players engage in intense 4v1 matches.

While four against one might seem unfair, the four-player team of hunters faces the opposing player who gets to stomp around as a hulking creature that only becomes bigger and more devastatingly powerful as the game goes on.

The developer knows a thing or two about making multiplayer shooters with supernatural elements, too, having created Left 4 Dead.

Chris Ashton, Co-Founder and Design Director at Turtle Rock Studios, revealed in an exclusive interview with GeForce.com that Cabela’s Big Game Hunter was actually an initial source of inspiration for Evolve.

“Thirteen years ago... it was kind of crazy how many people were buying these hunting sims,” said Ashton. “We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be cooler if it was a crazy big monster?’”

Evolve’s visuals are powered by the latest iteration of Crytek’s CryEngine, which enables technical features like physically based shaders and more realistic textures and materials in the game.

CryEngine also helped Evolve’s designers create dynamic outdoor game environments inhabited by an assortment of wildlife. The player fighting as the monster can even eat the wildlife.

“What’s cool about the PC version is we’re able to build these really big lush environments,” Ashton said. “We need the monster to be able to hide, so we need all that coverage and foliage. We need wildlife to feed on.”

“There’s a lot going on and we couldn’t do that with older [development technology],” he added. “It’s opened a door for us.”

Evolve is slated to launch on PC on October 21.