Fable III PC Launching With 3D Vision Support

May 6, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

In a new video promoting the upcoming PC version of Fable III, Lionhead Studios has revealed that the action RPG will feature native NVIDIA 3D Vision support to further enhance immersion and highlight the game’s numerous spells and effects in eye-popping detail.

Lead Designer Josh Atkins starts the video by emphasising that Fable III for the PC is far from a standard, lazy port that gamers rightly complain about. Everything from the user input system, to the user interface, to the game’s difficulty has received a significant makeover, as you might expect for a PC conversion, the graphics have been improved to make use of the more powerful hardware resident in computers.

Weighing in at four-minutes-and-twenty-one-seconds, the video is a great way to meet the team behind the conversion and get a first glimpse of the game ahead of its May 17th release, so click on the large image below to get started.