First Look At Titanfall: Expedition’s War Games Map

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Titanfall: Expedition, the first downloadable content pack for Respawn Entertainment’s critically acclaimed mech combat game, arrives next month and brings three all new maps: Swampland, Runoff and War Games.

In anticipation of the forthcoming DLC, game designer Jason McCord has provided an in-depth look at War Games, a sprawling training area described as a “parkour playground”.

“When brainstorming ideas for the first Titanfall DLC map pack, the concept of a level in the training mission simulator got a lot of people excited,” McCord writes. “Designers imagined a level that was smooth, clean and abstract—a perfect place to design easy-to-read battle spaces and wallrun paths. Artists had images of differently themed areas mixed with digital artifacts and colorful lighting.”

The result of the two clashing ideas is a visually stunning map that boasts both futuristic, featureless areas and simulated environments based on Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra.

In order to really drive home the feeling of battling in a virtual simulator, certain areas of the map will glitch out and remind you that you’re fighting in a computer-generated world.

Respawn illustrated how War Games is built for free running by comparing its most popular parkour routes from play tests (displayed in the heatmaps below) to another free running-friendly map, Rise.

You can jump into War Games as well as Swampland and Runoff by purchasing the Titanfall: Expedition expansion pack in May for $9.99. If you plan on buying more Titanfall DLC in the future, the $24.99 Season Pass, which contains Expedition and two additional upcoming DLC packs, will save you a few bucks.