Free To Play 2014 Fall Bundle: Get $150 In-Game Currency For Free


Our Free To Play bundles have given gamers in-game items and cash in some of PC gaming’s most popular free titles. In the new Fall 2014 Free To Play Bundle, available now with GeForce GTX 750 Class GPUs, the GeForce GTX 760, and 800M GTX notebooks, we’re giving away $150 of in-game currency split between War Thunder, Strife, and Infinite Crisis, three popular F2P titles. For further details scroll down, or visit the Fall 2014 Free To Play Bundle homepage.

War Thunder is one of the world’s most popular F2P games, giving players the keys to authentic World War II tanks and planes, and letting them battle it out across arcade and realistic game modes. A keen looker and a fast performer, War Thunder boasts exquisite rendering of its recreated vehicles, and in the future its image quality promises to improve with the addition of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies.

With $50 of in-game currency players can buy Premium tanks and planes, Silver Lions to buy researched tanks and planes, cosmetic items, or a Premium account to accelerate overall progress.

Strife is a relative newcomer to the competitive world of MOBAs, and differentiates itself from challengers by being more accessible and friendlier to newcomers, yet equally strategic. Strife also includes NVIDIA PhysX effects for more realistic environmental destruction, and NVIDIA HairWorks for the realistic rendering of hair and fur on characters.

With in-game currency you can purchase new pets, cosmetic skins, and a permanent account boost to help you level faster and unlock new crafting recipes quicker.

Infinite Crisis is another newcomer to the MOBA genre, and is based on the eponymous DC Comics storyline. With the official license comes the ability to compete as and against Batman, The Joker, The Arrow, Green Lantern, and many other fan favorites. Using the $50 of in-game currency, bundle buyers can purchase these DC Comics staples, in addition to costumes to further style the look of the super heroes and super villains.

Free To Play Fall 2014 Bundle Available Now

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