Fun and Technology Combine to Thrill Thai Gamers and Power Users

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Take an array of eye-candy technologies, add a thousand gamers and high-end users and voila, we have a recipe for a fun and engaging event! That’s how the NVIDIA Day in Thailand on January 18 could be mildly described as. “Mildly” because the vibrant and highly-charged up atmosphere is more than that. It felt like a gamers’ heaven and an enthusiasts’ Shangri-La!

On the technology side, there’s the host of NVIDIA technologies, led by the latest Maxwell-based NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 cards. On demonstration were new and enhanced features powered by the new cards from our partners ASUS, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Inno3D, and MSI. These include Dynamic Super Resolution which renders games at a higher, more detailed resolution, ShadowPlay 4K for game recording and sharing, VR Direct for virtual reality gaming, Voxel Global Illumination that enables incredibly realistic lighting, shading and reflections in the latest games, and G-Sync Surround for an immersive gaming environment.

The gaming laptops are so close to desktop gaming PC, not just the performance but also the improved BatteryBoost technology from GeForce GTX 900M. It consume less power and is cooler to the touch and keep on gaming for far longer when unplugged. You can see a wide array of GTX 900M gaming laptops from Aorus, ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte.

Also on show was the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, the innovative handheld portable device, which proved to be a magnet for the crowd.

Speaking of the audience, they were an enthusiastic bunch of top gamers, power users and gaming fans. They were thoroughly engaged in the entire program, from the modding contest and overclocking demonstration by ZolKorn, the country’s top overclocker, to the gaming competitions and lucky draws. Thousands more across Thailand also virtually attended the event as it was streamed live via YouTube. Best of all, they too had the opportunity to take part in quizzes and win prizes.

All in, the event showed how NVIDIA and our technologies are impacting a generation of gamers, enthusiasts and fans in Thailand.