G-SYNC ruled the ASUS ROG DreamLeague!

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Just before Christmas the NVIDIA team headed out to the wonderful, yet chilly, city of Jönköping in southern Sweden to spend four days with close to 27,000 gamers. Imagine entering the largest LAN party in the world. A home of world class eSports events, incredible cosplay and a general celebration of the internet of things. We are of course talking about DreamHack, the world’s largest digital festival.

Thousands and thousands of gamers from across Europe gather twice a year to get their game on. Four days of pure gameplay, tournaments, competitions, access to the world’s top gamers, freebies, gadgets, and more – what could be better?

This year, we teamed up to support the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2, where NVIDIA G-SYNC screens powered by GeForce GTX were the driving force of the DOTA 2 Grand Finals to ensure the smoothest and fastest possible gameplay.

The ASUS ROG DreamLeague is one of the world’s most prestigious DOTA 2 leagues which features 16 of the world’s best teams with a total prize pool of $100,000! A total of eight million people tuned in to watch this year’s finals, which just goes to show how much of a big deal it is!

Competitive E-Sports is the perfect home for G-SYNC and we were massively excited to be involved with such a significant league. We wanted to share our experience with you all, so here’s some footage of our time at DreamHack Winter 2014 – check out what the winning team thought of G-SYNC!