GAME24 Is Fast Approaching: Learn How To Win $50,000 In Prizes, When And Where To Watch, & More

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GAME24 is just days away! As we get closer to this worldwide celebration of PC gaming, we wanted to provide you with a few teaserific details to get you salivating for this truly unique event.

When: 6pm PDT, September 18th. Not in the States? Check out the countdown timer below, or head here to see what time the show begins in your region.

Where: Watch globally online on our live streams at, and participate in person at events in Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis, Mission Viejo, London, Stockholm, and Shanghai. For details of regional events in the aforementioned cities, head to the GAME24 registration page.

What: 24 hours of exclusive product and game announcements, and much, much more:


  • Witness never before seen PC gaming technologies and be the first to hear about incredible new product and game announcements.
  • Exclusive partner interviews with Epic, Ubisoft, Boss Key, NCSoft, Blizzard, Wargaming, SOE, Deep Silver, 2K Games, Warner Brothers, Respawn, Red Bull, and many more.
  • Learn the secret training regimen of 8 eSports professional teams, including Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, Team Tinker, and Alliance, and watch them battle to the death in the live GAME24 DotA 2 Invitational tournament.
  • Witness the shattering of two gaming World Records.
  • Participate in our interactive livestream by judging competitions, chatting with developers and celebrities, uploading content of your own.
  • Watch North America’s best modders compete in the world’s first 24-hour livestreamed system building and modding competition, Mod24.
  • Win major prizes, including 4K G-SYNC monitors, SHIELD tablets, a Falcon Northwest Tiki, and the three PCs built by famous modders during Mod24. Each one-of-a-kind system includes GeForce GTX GPUs in SLI, and are VR-Ready.

With so much happening at GAME24, we want to you to be ready:

  1. Go to to count down the biggest moments in PC gaming, and share your favorites via the #GAME24 hashtag.
  2. Read our GAME24 “Survival Guide.” Contribute your own tips by following our Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #GAME24.

Remember, GAME24 begins on September 18th, 2014 live on at 6 pm PDT, and at regional events around the world.

Join us online and in person*, and be prepared to take the 19th off.

*Seats are limited to first come, first served. Main event in Santa Monica is for ages 18 and up. Satellite events are open to all ages.