Here’s Ubisoft Montreal, Here’s Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Here’s Why You’ll Be Glad You Have a Monster Videocard

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We don’t often get to peek inside the brick-lined building that houses thousands of developers within Ubisoft Montreal, since the open spaces make it easy to see what everybody’s doing and then blab about it to your friends. But Ubisoft Montreal raised the gates and allowed us to mingle with the nearly 400 developers working side-by-side to recreate Paris of the French Revolution for Assassin’s Creed Unity. (The presence of some advanced Nerf artillery suggests a high-strung, Boiler Room-type environment, but these could be preventive, peace-through-strength measures too.) From there, we went on to chat with Creative Director Alex Amancio, Technical Graphics Director Jean-Sebastian Guay, as well as Team Lead of 3D Programming Jean-Francois St. Amour, who’s clearly winning in the name department.

It’s a massive studio, and in the video you’ll get glimpses of what all those folks are doing: the building even houses the motion capture studio where actors grimace at cameras all day. But the juiciest bits are when the developers get into their histories working with NVIDIA and - without any undue respect to consoles, of course - show off work-in-progress animations and effects facilitated by Nvidia’s GameWorks program that, let’s face it, you’ll need a PC to truly appreciate. Especially in glorious 4K.

Even if you’re in a hurry or stressed out today or whatever, at the very least check out the shader passes at the 1:30 mark. Paris might have taken a beating during the Revolution, but man, those effects will brighten your day. And keep an eye out at for more videos detailing the payoff PC gamers get with the effects - including Tessellation, Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO), Percentage Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS), and the awesome-sounding Temporal Anti-Aliasing - that GameWorks brings to developers.