Battlefield 3 Fans Eager to Upgrade Their PCs

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September 30, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

At EuroGamer Expo 2011 in Earl’s Court, London, England, NVIDIA has been operating a sixteen-player Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch LAN, allowing gamers to experience one of the year’s hottest games before the majority of other fans in the world.

Arranged as an 8v8, Russia versus the United States, gamers queued for up to four hours to play, with the first team to fifty kills winning, which on average took around ten minutes. For many, they rejoined the queue for another go, with one particular group coming back three times, telling me that they spent their entire day playing and queuing to play Battlefield 3.

Running on systems equipped with two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580s and a Core i7-2600K, Battlefield 3 looked fantastic and had a silky smooth framerate. Coincidentally, DICE publicly revealed that a SLI GTX 580 system is recommended to play on Ultra settings the day after filming occurred, which both delighted and dismayed gamers playing at our stations. To clarify, they were delighted a PC game was pushing the boundaries in an era of console ports, and dismayed because they almost certainly had to upgrade their computers to receive the absolute best graphics offered by the technologically advanced title.

NVIDIA’s Ben Berraondo spoke to two of the aforementioned gamers before and after they played, with one, Matt, being particularly excited about the technology included. “I’m looking forward to seeing how advanced the graphics are, how smooth the controls are… just the overall experience. Obviously the multiplayer setup here is a fantastic way to see what the game is going to have to offer when it’s eventually released. I’m really looking forward to having a good go of it.”

Asked about whether he’ll be upgrading his computer to play Battlefield 3, Matt’s quick off the mark with an answer. “I’ve got a [GeForce GTX] 470 at the moment, which is OK. I’ve had it about a year or so… I’m thinking of upgrading to maybe a [GTX] 570, something like that, but I don’t know… I know I’m on the borderline for top spec and I’d like to play it on maximum settings, so I might upgrade.”

And following a ten-minute play session? “I think I’m gonna need to go for that upgrade to experience this in its full effect.”

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