Warmachine: Tactics Adds NVIDIA GameWorks To Its Turn-Based Battlefields

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In August of last year Privateer Press and WhiteMoon Dreams successfully raised $1.6 million dollars on Kickstarter to develop Warmachine: Tactics, a videogame adaption of the popular steampunk table top. In videogame form, Warmachine: Tactics is a turn-based, squad-level strategy game featuring both a single-player campaign and online synchronous and asynchronous head-to-head multiplayer.

Last month, WhiteMoon launched their Early Access build on Steam for Kickstarter customers and enthusiastic Warmachine fans who missed out last year. Development is progressing rapidly, and already NVIDIA GameWorks technologies are being implemented as part of our partnership with WhiteMoon. In the latest build, players will discover NVIDIA PhysX Clothing adorning Warmachine: Tactics' cast of characters, which moves realistically in reaction to wind and other forces. To demonstrate, WhiteMoon created a dev-environment demo to highlight the current Clothing implementation:

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Warmachine Tactics

In addition to PhysX Clothing, which will be continually refined during the project, WhiteMoon has this week integrated NVIDIA HBAO+ Ambient Occlusion shadowing to dramatically increase image quality. This critically-acclaimed technology adds contact shadows where two surfaces or objects meet, and where an object blocks light from reaching another nearby game element. The AO technique used and the quality of the implementation affects the shadowing's accuracy, and whether new shadows are formed when the level of occlusion is low. Without Ambient Occlusion scenes can look flat and unrealistic, and objects can appear as if they are floating on surfaces. To demonstrate, here are two early examples from Warmachine: Tactics, showing the significant benefits HBAO+ introduces:

During general gameplay, shown from a wider perspective, HBAO+ adds considerably to each and every scene, as the Ambient Occlusion-only screenshot below highlights.

In the shot above, each shaded pixel comes courtesy of HBAO+. Without Ambient Occlusion all you would see, save for the fire effect, is a white screen.

As development continues, NVIDIA HBAO+ will be released to Early Access gamers, and work on the implementation of NVIDIA PhysX Destruction, NVIDIA APEX Turbulence, and NVIDIA PostWorks will begin. We'll be sure to bring you details about each as they approach completion, but in the meantime stay tuned to the Warmachine: Tactics website for the latest news and announcements about this anticipated title. In the meantime, check out the game's Early Access launch trailer below.