Gamescom 2011: Aliens Colonial Marines Video Interview

August 19, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Our own Leslie Pirritano got the chance to speak with Aliens: Colonial Marines producer Brian Burleson at the Gamescom 2011 show floor. In the creepy-themed booth, the two discuss how the FPS is actually a sequel to the movies and aims to be just as intense and frightening.

According to Burleson, there were parts and segments that were designed for the movies but had to be cut out do to the medium's time limitations. Considering videogames aren't hampered by the same restrictions, the development team wanted players to be able to explore parts of the mythos they couldn't before.

Gearbox wants to "really make it just like the movie [Aliens]," asserted Burleson. The developer actually enlisted the help of Futurist Syd Mead, Aliens' original conceptual artist, to incorporate some of the left-out designs from the 1986-released film into Colonial Marines.

In terms of the game's technological advancements, Burleson stated that Gearbox rewrote the renderer to allow for deferred rendering. This is a "pretty important part for the future and for the game," added Burleson, suggesting that it would allow them to implement some unique dynamic lighting and shadow effects; aesthetics that would be important in any horror videogame.

On recommending hardware to take advantage of all these features, Burleson suggested going with NVIDIA products. "The hardware always does exactly what it needs to do and more," stated the producer.

Gamers will be able to test out their setups on the game when Aliens: Colonial Marines launches in Spring 2012.