Gamescom 2011: DICE Says You'll "Need a Really Good PC" for Battlefield

August 20, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Our own Leslie Pirritano had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Battlefield 3 developer Karl Magnus at Gamescom 2011. In the video interview posted below, Magnus explains how the PC version will be the best SKU and says gamers will "need a really good PC" to run it.

One of the features that will make the PC version of Battlefield 3 more epic than its console counterparts is its ability to handle 64 players. By comparison, the console versions are capped at 24. Exemplifying this edge on the Gamescom show floor was the PC version of the game running newly-revealed 64-player map "Caspian Border."

In addition to the increased player cap, the PC version of Battlefield 3 will also support a specially-tailored connectivity hub called "Battlelog." The online service aims to make it easier for PC players to share states, socialize, and initiate matches.

When asked how the highly-anticipated shooter was being received the Gamescom crowd, Magnus stated, "The reception of Battlefield 3 has been amazing. We have won game of show, the official award here, and we're very proud of it." He revealed that the wait to play the game on the PC has amassed astonishing nine-hour lines. "I'm almost a bit overwhelmed. I'm super happy," exclaimed the DICE developer.

On the technical side of the game, Battlefield 3 will support a number of graphical bells and whistles including DirectX 11, Tessellation, NVIDIA 3D Vision support, and more.

While no recommended system requirements have been released yet, Magnus stated PC gamers "should start aiming pretty high if they want to run everything on the highest setting." Even though DICE does want to be able to make the Frostbite Engine 2-powered game run on a wide variety of PCs, Magnus said, "We would like people to really build some really monster machines to run this on with the best graphics card they can get their hands on. "

Gamers will be able to see if their rigs have what it takes when Battlefield 3 launches worldwide this October.