Gamescom 2011: Borderlands 2 Video Interview Discusses Refined Gameplay and Visuals

August 19, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Our own Leslie Pirritano had the opportunity to interview Gearbox Software artist Scott Kester regarding Borderlands 2. In the video posted below, Kester highlights how the highly-anticipated sequel will be better than its critically-acclaimed predecessor.

Judging from the little in-engine footage of the game we've seen so far (the video teaser posted below), Borderlands 2 will push the stylized cel-shaded comic book look even further. According to Kester, one of the biggest difference that the sequel will offer over the original pertains to more varied environments. Besides desert wastelands that the first game was known for, players will be able to travel from artic tundras to Scottish-style highlands and everything in between. In addition, Kester said the game will feature revamped AI. This means that enemies will now intelligently take cover and use the environment to their advantage.

In regards to the PC specific build of the game, Kester stated, "We definitely care about the PC side," he added, "You'll have your options and the game will cater to the hardware you have. If someone's got the rig, we want to give them the tools to experience the game to the best of their abilities."

For those unfamiliar with the original Borderlands, the 2009-released game married the addictive loot-finding and leveling up aspects of role-playing games with the franticness of first-person shooters. Oh, and the game was known for its insane amount of weapons (We're talking hundreds here). Borderlands 2 hopes to continue that over-the-top tradition.