Gamescom 2011: End of Nations Trailer

August 19, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Publisher Trion Worlds has released an End of Nations trailer detailing how ambition the game is going to be. The Petroglyph Games-developed title is attempting to fuse the gameplay of a real-time strategy game with the persistence and progression of an MMORPG.

According to the publisher, turning an RTS into a global-conquest type game has always been the holy grail for the genre. "It's no longer about just winning a match," stated Trion Worlds Senior Producer Chris Lena, adding, "It's about global domination."

Trion Worlds' Nick Beliaeff asserted that End of Nations is like "a game of Risk on steroids that everyone in the world competes in and can influence the outcome of." For gamers, this means that 50 commanders with their own full armies can be battling it out all at once.

Powering all of these polygons onscreen is Petroglyph Games' proprietary GLYPH game engine. Fans hoping to try out End of Nations on their rigs might have to wait awhile as the game does not currently have a release date.