Gamescom 2011: Guild Wars 2 to Reinvent MMORPGs (Video Interview)

August 20, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

NVIDIA's Leslie Pirritano had the opportunity to speak with Guild Wars 2 Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson at Gamescom 2011. In the video interview posted below, Johanson stated that Guild Wars 2 is attempting "to innovate in every area that [Developer ArenaNet] thinks the MMO genre is lacking."

Examining the features that needed to be improved upon, Johanson said that combat in MMOs have always been stale. To resolve this, ArenaNet is taking its cues from the best action games on the market.

According to the game designer, the importance of movement in Guild Wars 2's combat can not be understated. While most MMORPGs will allow gamers to stand still as they attack, Guild Wars 2 forces players to dodge their enemies, much like action games. This mechanic, ArenaNet feels, will add to the game's immersion.

Another area where the Bellevue, Washington-based developer felt MMORPGs were lacking came in the story department. In an attempt to resolve this, Guild Wars 2 is offering 15 different possible storylines to engage in. Before fully creating their character, players will fill out a biography and this will determine their storyline.

Also discussed in the interview was the addition of the new engineer class. Engineers are the master of mechanics and will be allowed to equip rocket boots, turrets, grenades, and more.

On the technical end of things, ArenaNet is aiming to make their gorgeous-looking game run on a wide variety of PCs, but in order to take advantage of all the game's glory and beauty, "You're definitely going to want to have something a little newer and more recent," said Johanson. This is especially true if fans are hoping to play the game with NVIDIA 3D Vision enabled.

In regards to this added aesthetic, Johanson said, "We think the 3D setup is a pretty awesome way to play Guild Wars 2." He added, "We have a lot of huge boss battles, these giant bosses, and when you get them on this 3D screen and they look like they're coming straight towards you, it is really fantastic. People absolutely go bananas over it in 3D."

In regards to recommending hardware to play Guild Wars 2, Johanson said, "We love all the stuff NVIDIA does. They make fantastic products. That's an area people should be looking at for the type of hardware they should be working with on their machine."