Gamescom 2011: Mass Effect 3 Release Date Revealed

August 16, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Mass Effect 3 will release in North America on March 6th 2012 and in Europe on March 9th. Developer BioWare announced the news at EA's 2011 Gamecom press conference.

In addition to revealing the launch date for the highly-anticipated action RPG, the Canadian game developer also showcased a new gameplay trailer at the event. In the video, Commander Shepard and his team fight wave after wave of enemies using ice-like blasts, grenades, laser shotgun beams, and force-like powers. Finally, a large mech shows up and starts tearing people up. The trailer then ends.

Along with the video, BioWare has released six new screenshots for your perusal:

Getting squeezed by that guy probably isn't fun.

Faces only a mother could love.

Force powers to the rescue.

Run and gun!

That's going to leave a mark.

Well isn't that the biggest crab you've ever seen?

With the alien invaders landing on Earth in Mass Effect 3, BioWare promises to make this third and final installment of the Commander Shepard trilogy its best game yet.