Gamescom 2011: New Metro Last Light "Screens" Look Too Good to be True

December 17, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

THQ has released five new "screens" for their highly-anticipated shooter Metro: Last Light. We put the word "screens" in quotations because they look too good to be true, but we'll let you decide.

The depth of field is impressive here. Notice how the shrubbery up close is blurred out. Furthermore, what appears to be volumetric fog appropriately hides the buildings in the background. The textures on the tree are as sharp as its branches.

If this is a real in-engine screen, the lighting here is out of this world.

This screen here could be showing DX 11's ability to do particle motion blurring as different objects in the image appear to be blurring at different intensities. Notice the jumping far creature on the left. His left hand is blurrier than any other part of his body. If this is a real screenshot, then the attention to detail is amazing.

Could the lights on the walls be caused by the dynamic lighting from the explosion?

There seems to be lots of graphical effects happening here: dynamic lighting, volumetric fog, advanced depth of field. In addition to that, it just looks really cool.

While some may dismiss these as concept art, it might be worth mentioning that the images were contained within a THQ FTP folder that read "NEW SCREENS FOR GAMESCOM" and not "NEW ART FOR GAMESCOM." If these are actually indeed in-engine screenshots from the game, expect Metro: Last Light to squeeze every ounce out of your graphics card. Even its predecessor, Metro 2033, equipped with DirectX 11, Tessellation, PhysX proved to be quite the GPU-intensive game.

You can verify whether or not these are actual images from the game's proprietary 4A Engine when Metro: Last Light releases later next year.