Gamescom 2011: Six Pretty New Prey 2 Screens

August 18, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Bethesda has released six new screens for Prey 2, the highly-anticipated sci-fi FPS being developed by Human Head Studios.

Having released an impressive CG trailer for the game leading into E3 2011, the screens do a good job of recreating the same Blade Runner-esque feel. Accentuating many of the shots are crisp textures and HDR lighting.

According to the US developer, Prey 2 is being "built on the cutting edge id Tech engine from id Software." Specifically, the game is using a heavily modified version of id Tech 4, the engine that powered Doom 3.

PC gamers will be able to test Prey 2 on their rigs when the game launches in March 2012.