Gamescom 2011: Razer PC Gaming Accessories Video Roundup

August 20, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

NVIDIA's Leslie Pirritano had the opportunity to check out Razer's booth at this year's Gamescom. The game accessory manufacturer showed off the world's first true 7.1 headset and some Battlefield 3/The Old Republic-themed keyboards and mice.

Razer 7.1 Headset

The first item on the chopping block is the aforementioned 7.1 headset. What makes the gadget unique is that there are five small speakers on each earphone, providing gamers with a total of 10 speakers.

The item will retail for $179.99 and Razer plans to release it sometime before Christmas.

Razer Battlefield 3-themed Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, and Controller

All the Battlefield 3 products here are nicely skinned with the game's artwork and offer their own unique perks. The keyboard features orange LEDs, the mouse has a nice, adjustable thumb groove, and the controller's sticks feature a cool adjustable resistance dial.

Razer The Old Republic-themed Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, and Headset

The last part of Razer's booth we'll show you here contains a The Old Republic-themed keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and headset. The keyboard features a cool Star Wars look (with some pretty sweet Star Wars universe lettering on each key) and the ability for players to bind keys when playing the highly-anticipated MMO. The keyboard also features a small video screen on the top left, which will allow gamers to see each other on programs like Skype. Furthermore, the keyboard offers easy access to browsers, media player and more and if that weren't enough, the device has an LED light surrounding the perimeter of the device.

The last two items here are the The Old Republic-themed mouse, which features MMO hot buttons on the side, and a 5.1 virtual surround headset with bendable mic. Oh, and it's not mentioned in the video, but it looks to have a cool TIE fighter design drawn into the ear pieces.