Gamescom 2011: Cinematic The Secret World Trailer Released

August 17, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Famcom has released a CG trailer for The Secret World, their highly-anticipated MMO. The Norwegian game developer also revealed that fans will be able to sign up for the game's beta come August 26.

In the trailer, you see three people from what appears to be three different factions in a Mexican-style standstill. Each of them has their own weapon of choice. One girl wields a fiery sword, the other girl wields a gun, and the man wields an energy ball of sorts. Surrounded by an empty war-torn city, the ground below them begins to erupt and large clouds of dust emerge from the floor. An underground train then bursts from the ground and a gigantic monster emerges from the floor. It approaches the characters and engulfs them with his enormous hands. The trailer then ends.

For those unfamiliar with the PC exclusive, The Secret World is being developed by the folks who brought you Age of Conan and the critically-acclaimed The Longest Journey games. Using a heavily modified version of Funcom's proprietary DreamWorld Engine (Age of Conan), gamers will explore a world where all myths, legends, and fables are real. Players will be able to choose among three sides: the illuminati, the dragon, and the templars. According to Funcom, the landscape will contain large-scale persistent battlefields.

Unlike most MMOs, what makes The Secret World unique is that players won't choose classes. Rather, they will be able to choose among over 500 different skills and customize their character according to how they want to play. According to Funcom, players can explore everywhere from New York to London and everywhere else in between.

Gamers will be able to escape into the fantasy when The Secret World hits PCs in April 2012.