Gamescom 2011: Take On Helicopters Gameplay Demo (Video)

August 20, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

We had the opportunity to take our cameras to Bohemia Interactive's Gamescom booth to check out Take On Helicopters. The game, as you may have guessed it, is a helicopter simulator.

In the video above, the game's creative director takes us through a virtual downtown Seattle. Visually, Take On Helicopter looks somewhat similar to military shooter ARMA 3. This makes sense considering the two games both use the "Real Virtuality" engine. The water in the game looks great from above and shimmers in the sunlight as it should, but more importantly, the engine is capable of rendering large 60 by 60 kilometer environments smoothly.

Gamers will be able to try out the unique title when Take On Helicopters flies onto shelves this October.