Gamescom 2011: NCsoft Reveals WildStar MMO via Cinematic Trailer

August 18, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

NCsoft has announced MMO WildStar at Gamescom 2011 via a CG trailer. Described as a "future fantasy MMORPG," the PC-exclusive game is currently playable on the Cologne, Germany show floor and is being developed by Southern California-based Carbine Studios.

Juding from WildStar's cinematic trailer, the MMO appears to take inspiration from Disney and Pixar films as its aesthetic style is very cartoony and lighthearted.

While the video is CG, we have compiled all the current crop of in-game screenshots for you to peruse below. The images showcase some of the game's stylized graphics, character models, vibrant spell effects, monsters, and more.

Currently, not much is known about the tech powering WildStar's visuals, but we'll update you on that front as more information becomes available.

While little is known about the game's engine, on the gameplay front, NCsoft revealed that players will be able to choose among four distinct character classes:

  • Explorers are rewarded for climbing high mountains and revealing hidden caverns.
  • Soldiers earn rank and glory conquering hordes of enemies.
  • Scientists collect the darkest secrets of the planet to unearth the story behind the Eldan disappearance.
  • Settlers build a new life on an extraordinary world.

With WildStar, Carbine Studio promises to "immerse players in a deep world stacked with content, challenges and rewards that respond to the play style choices of individual players."

Gamers who aren't at Gamecom might have to wait a while to get their hands on WildStar as the MMO currently does not have a specified release date.