Planetside 2’s Large Scale Warfare Is “Awesome,” Says Executive Producer

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March 7th, 2012

By Andrew Burnes

At the 2012 Game Developers Conference our very own Kris Rey got face time with Planetside 2, an eagerly anticipated massively multiplayer first-person online shooter that sees thousands of players battling simultaneously on the one map. A follow-up to 2003’s subscription-based Planetside, the sequel opts for a free-to-play model, letting everyone jump in and play without any financial commitment.

Following the invite-only presentation Kris spoke to Executive Producer Josh Hackney to discover more about the game, faction balancing, Sony Online Entertainment’s desire to avoid ‘pay to win’ gameplay, and why you should be excited in general about a first-person online shooter with such massive scope and scale.

To conclude the interview, Kris asked Josh about NVIDIA’s involvement in Planetside 2’s development: “It’s been great, you guys have not only been helping us get our [PhysX] physics engine up to where it really needs to be, but moving forward, our flight mechanics, our tanks, the motion models... Ballistics wouldn’t be anywhere without the support we’ve had.”

For further interview info, and several off-screen gameplay snippets, check out the video below: