Ashes Of The Singularity GeForce Game Ready Driver Released


The new GeForce Game Ready 355.60 WHQL drivers are now available to download from GeForce Experience and

Just in time for the DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 preview edition of Ashes of the Singularity, this new GeForce Game Ready driver ensures you'll have the best possible gaming experience in the massive-scale Real Time Strategy game.

The new Game Ready driver also supports the Beta version of the GameWorks VR software development kit (SDK), enabling gamers to enjoy the benefits of GameWorks VR in compatible applications and headsets for the first time. Next week, Oculus will update their SDK to include support for these features, and shortly thereafter game developers will update their games. For those already equipped with headsets, this should greatly improve your experience in the very near future.

For those still enjoying a more traditional gaming experience, the usual assortment of tweaks and changes are included in the new Game Ready driver, along with new SLI profiles for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and Next Car Game: Wreckfest.

GeForce Game Ready Driver: Download Now

You can download the new GeForce Game Ready drivers through GeForce Experience, our free, essential, game and system-enhancing application, or from the Drivers page.

If you experience any technical issues with the new Game Ready drivers, please post a detailed report on the Driver Feedback Forum where our Customer Care team can better assist you. Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 issues should be reported here, and Windows 10 issues here.