SlayerSMMA is the GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Champion

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By Jacq Geller

The NVIDIA GeForce SC2 Pro/Am Tournament started on June 23 with the first Amateur Division pool matches. The Professional Division got started shortly after on June 27, and since then we’ve had weeks of thrilling competition. Over the past weeks, we’ve seen some epic SC2 action. We’ve seen unreal games like the series between StartaleBomber and Destiny. We’ve seen teammates knock each other out of the tournament like the series between IMhorror and IMdreamertt. We’ve seen over ninety of the world’s top professional players and thousands of amateur players compete, and it has all come down to this.

On September 29, the GSPA Grand Finals took place and was streamed live on The first streamed series was the Amateur Division Grand Finals between ZeNEXHack and coLrsvp. This PvT featured some phenomenal play and decision making from the American Protoss. As rsvp came to the Grand Finals from the upper bracket, he had the advantage and only had to win one Bo3. rsvp took the series 2-0 to win the Amateur Division and take home a GeForce GTX 590 and $1,800.00. The biggest of congratulations to rsvp! Not only did he have to work through two rounds of pools and two brackets to take home the gold, he won one of the biggest online eSports tournaments in the world.

With the recent saturation of Terran in the GSL, we’ve all seen our fair share of TvT in the recent weeks. Who doesn’t love seeing two of the world’s best SC2 players fighting it out, though, regardless of race? In the GSPA Professional Division Grand Finals, we had two of the world’s best Terran players fight it out. In one corner, we had SlayerSMMA, the protégé of SCBW legend BoxeR, and in the other corner, we had IMMvp, a former top-tier SCBW player in his own right. These two players last met in a Grand Finals at MLG Anaheim, and they are both arguably two of the best SC2 players in the world. After four great games and one epic series, SlayerSMMA became the Professional Division Grand Champion, taking home a GeForce GTX 590 and $4,725.00 Cash. Congratulations, MMA!

You can watch the Championship series below.