GeForce Experience 1.8.2 Adds Advanced Controls For ShadowPlay Beta

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Since its first beta release last October, NVIDIA ShadowPlay has quickly become the most exciting and talked about feature of GeForce Experience. The ability to capture gameplay footage quickly, easily and with little storage or performance impact was a huge hit with gamers, and to date over three million clips have been captured. Recently, we also added microphone support and the ability to broadcast direct to Twitch.

The release of GeForce Experience 1.8.2 today adds several highly requested features to ShadowPlay Beta, further improving its capabilities.

First and foremost, a new option in ShadowPlay’s Quality dropdown enables customization of the capture resolution, the capture frame rate, and the capture bit rate, giving you greater control over capture output. In particular, the frame rate option is of great benefit to YouTubers, enabling video to be captured at YouTube’s supported 30 frames per second, avoiding a 60-to-30 frame rate conversion during the publication process, which can impact video quality considerably.

Note that switching from 60 fps to 30 fps by itself will not reduce the output file size; since bit rate is calculated per second, this will allocate twice the amount of bits per frame. To retain the same quality level whilst also reducing frame rates from 60 fps to 30 fps, reduce the bit rate by half. This will keep quality per frame the same while reducing the file size.

GeForce Experience 1.8.2 ShadowPlay Beta Adjustable Capture Options
ShadowPlay Beta’s new options are accessed via the Quality button in the ShadowPlay control panel.

In a prior release we expanded audio capture to include microphone input. In GeForce Experience 1.8.2, "push-to-talk" is enabled via a user-definable microphone toggle for those wanting to add the occasional comment to their recordings.

We've also looked into the issue of ShadowPlay Beta’s write impact on solid state drives (SSDs). Given that modern drives have built in protection to distribute writes, we do not expect ShadowPlay to meaningfully impact a SSD's lifetime for typical use cases. But for extra peace of mind, the latest release adds the option to change ShadowPlay’s temporary buffer file location. This will reduce usage on your C:\ drive if redirected to a secondary drive, and in turn may prevent the occasional stutter during gameplay if your C:\ struggles with simultaneous gaming and capture.

GeForce Experience 1.8.2 ShadowPlay Beta Preferences
For a complete list of GeForce Experience 1.8.2 changes, make sure to check out the release notes.

To get started with GeForce Experience 1.8.2, download now through the in-app updater or from

If you experience any issues with GeForce Experience 1.8.2 please post a full and detailed report on the Feedback Forum, where our Customer Care team can better assist you.

A Final Word on Updates

Based on feedback from Fermi and earlier generation GPU owners, we understand not everyone benefit from the latest GeForce Experience updates, and frequent updates without benefit can be intrusive.

Honoring your wishes, GeForce Experience 1.8.2 will be pushed only to Kepler-based GeForce GTX 600 and 700 Series systems. That said, the latest version of GeForce Experience can always be downloaded from, and we will continue to publish critical updates to all GeForce Experience users as needed.