GeForce Experience 2.1 Adds In-Game FPS Counter, Shadow Mode For Desktop Capture & More

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GeForce Experience 2.1 is now available to download. Update now to enhance your experience.

GeForce Experience 2.0 was a major revision to the popular system-enhancing application, introducing ShadowPlay Desktop Capture, ShadowPlay for notebooks, GameStream for notebooks, Remote GameStream, advanced Twitch streaming options, and many other improvements.

GeForce Experience 2.1, available now, improves several of those features and adds an in-game frame rate counter, push to talk microphone capture, ShadowPlay ‘Shadow Mode’ Desktop Capture support, plus additional tweaks and changes. Download now via or open GeForce Experience's self-update function. For more detail on each of GeForce Experience 2.1’s enhancements, keep reading.

In-Game Frame Rate Counter

Since the launch of ShadowPlay, our game capture GeForce Experience module, users have frequently requested the addition of an in-game frame rate counter. Today with the release GeForce Experience 2.1, the option is now available, adding an unobtrusive, optional frame rate counter to your screen, that won’t be captured in screenshots or ShadowPlay recordings.

GeForce ShadowPlay in-game frame rate counter.
Note, ShadowPlay must be enabled, and the latest GeForce 337.88 WHQL drivers installed for the frame rate counter to be display in GeForce Experience and in-game.

To enable the frame rate counter, head to the ShadowPlay Preferences tab, click the “FPS Counter” button, select the screen position for the counter, and define an in-game keyboard shortcut if you prefer not to use the default, Alt+F12.

GeForce ShadowPlay in-game frame rate counter setup.

‘Shadow Mode’ For ShadowPlay Desktop Capture

GeForce Experience 2.0 introduced ShadowPlay Desktop Capture, enabling ShadowPlay users to capture gameplay from any game run in windowed or borderless windowed screen modes. The caveat was that footage had to be manually recorded in the initial release of the new, hotly anticipated feature.

With GeForce Experience 2.1, you can now record desktop footage using Shadow Mode, the DVR-like function that continually buffers up to 20 minutes of footage so that you never fail to record that epic moment or unbelievable kill that your friends simply have to see. Simply press the hotkey after the event, and it and the moments leading up to it will be saved to file, ready for editing and upload.

All that’s required for Shadow Mode to function is the enabling of the option in the ShadowPlay control panel, as shown below.

GeForce ShadowPlay configured for Shadow Mode.

Once configured you’re ready to go, though you may wish to move the recording and cache locations to a separate drive for optimum performance. To do so, simply select the option in the Preferences tab of the main GeForce Experience window.

Push-To-Talk Microphone Capture

Previous versions of GeForce Experience featured an on/off microphone capture toggle. With today’s release, a dedicated push-to-talk option is introduced, giving users greater control.

To enable push-to-talk, select the option in the ShadowPlay Preferences screen and you’re done. Before venturing in-game you may wish to rebind the keyboard shortcut using the setting below. By default, push-to-talk is bound to the grave key ( ` ) key, above Tab and to the left of '1'.

GeForce ShadowPlay push-to-talk hotkey configuration.

Additional GeForce Experience 2.1 Changes

In addition to the headline features above, GeForce Experience 2.1 introduces several other enhancements:


  • Gameplay can now be recorded at up to 2560x1600, natively
  • Audio synchronization when editing with Adobe Premiere Pro is improved
  • Twitch streaming stability has been improved
  • ShadowPlay remains enabled after enabling new GeForce Experience updates via the in-app updater
  • In-app software update installation speed has been improved
  • Various bug fixes resolve a variety of issues

GeForce Experience 2.1: Download Now

To get your hands on all of GeForce Experience’s new and exciting features, simply download GeForce Experience 2.1 through the in-app updater, or from Be sure to also download the new GeForce 337.87 WHQL drivers after installation to improve your gaming experience, courtesy of new DirectX 11 and SLI system-wide performance optimizations.

If you experience any technical issues with GeForce Experience 2.1 please let us know in the Feedback Forum where our customer care team can better assist you.