GeForce Experience 2.2.2 Adds NVIDIA MFAA To Optimal Playable Settings

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GeForce Experience 2.2.2

GeForce Experience 2.2.2 is now available for download. In this latest release the big new feature is the addition of NVIDIA Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing (MFAA) to our Optimal Playable Settings, giving you better image quality and performance in games that support Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA). If you're unfamiliar with MFAA, the following video explains the innovative new anti-aliasing technique:

In the Optimal Playable Settings table, you’ll now see an extra section called NVIDIA settings. This section lists additional NVIDIA-powered settings that GeForce Experience can apply to bolster the image quality of supported games. If a game is compatible with MFAA, MFAA will be listed here, otherwise it will be hidden. Clicking Optimize applies the setting with one click.

GeForce Experience 2.2.2 MFAA OPS

To date, almost 100 games have been profiled for MFAA support, with more to come in the following weeks. Going forward, all games will be profiled for MFAA, giving you the best possible experience on the day of a game's release.

Before you enhance your games with MFAA, it is recommended that you update your graphics drivers for the latest optimizations and performance improvements. A new Game Ready Driver has launched today, bringing a host of improvements and performance optimizations, as well as support for the brand new GeForce GTX 960. Download now through GeForce Experience, or from

Today's GeForce Experience 2.2.2 release also includes several bug fixes and further tweaks, detailed below.

GeForce Experience 2.2.2 Release Highlights

  • Game optimizations now supports NVIDIA Multi-Frame Anti-aliasing mode
  • Improves audio-video sync for ShadowPlay videos
  • Fixes a bug where ShadowPlay desktop capture option is not shown
  • Fixes stuttering in some ShadowPlay videos
  • ShadowPlay video files now use regionalized date formatting
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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