Join The New Beta Program For GeForce Experience & SHIELD Hub Users

GeForce Experience

Today, we're announcing a new beta program that will allow gamers to access beta versions of GeForce Experience and SHIELD Hub ahead of general public release. The goal is very simple--we'd like to give gamers a chance to try out our upcoming software and provide feedback so we can build amazing products and get it to everyone quickly.

The beta program is easy to join and easy to leave. You can participate in the beta for GeForce Experience, SHIELD Hub, or both. This first release is geared toward SHIELD users. That said, everyone is more than welcome to try out the latest version of GeForce Experience.

What's New

GeForce Experience 2.2 (Beta)

  • New option to pair with SHIELD devices using login
  • Improves stability and fixes various bugs

SHIELD Hub 4 (Beta)

  • New option to pair with PCs using login
  • New user interface using Material Design Language

Easy GameStream Pairing Using Login

As NVIDIA builds out more gaming features and services, we want our users to be able to access them with a single login. Earlier this month the NVIDIA GRID Gaming Service launched using our NVIDIA login system. With this beta release, you can now use the same login to pair PCs with SHIELD devices. In the coming weeks, you'll also be able to use the same login for the NVIDIA GeForce forums.

SHIELD owners currently connect to their PC by generating a four digit code and entering it on the PC. New to this beta, devices are automatically setup for streaming once logged in. Let's say you're logged to SHIELD Hub already to try out GRID. On any PC, simply login using the same credentials in GeForce Experience, and your PC games will automatically show up in SHIELD Hub.

How to Join the GeForce Experience Beta

To get started, download and install GeForce Experience 2.2 Beta. In Preferences -> Beta updates you'll see that you're subscribed to future beta versions of GeForce Experience. Uncheck this box if you no longer wish to receive future beta updates. If you wish to revert to the current official release, you'll need to uninstall the beta and install the latest version from

How to Join the SHIELD Hub Beta

On your SHIELD portable or tablet, join our SHIELD Hub Beta community. Be sure to join using the same Google account you use on your SHIELD device.

Become a tester on Google Play.

Open the Google Play Store and search for the NVIDIA SHIELD Hub page. Within a few minutes (it may take a bit longer), you will see an "UPDATE" button.

Select "UPDATE" to download and install the latest beta build.

To stop receiving beta builds, return to this page and select "Leave the test". After leaving the test, select "Uninstall Updates" to revert to the original version and select "Update" to install the latest non-beta release.

Logging Into GeForce Experience

To try out the new pairing system, you'll first need to unpair your SHIELD and PC.

Go to GeForce Experience -> Preferences -> GameStream -> SHIELD devices and select "Forget devices" to unpair your SHIELD.

Next, log in to GeForce Experience using the new button on the top right corner.

Click 'Log-In' to begin

A new window appears and you have two choices: log in with a new NVIDIA account that you can create from the window, or log in with your Google account. We recommend logging in with the same Google account you use on SHIELD to minimize setup.

Log in with a NVIDIA account (created by clicking ‘Register now’), or log in with your Google account.

Log In To SHIELD Hub

On SHIELD Hub, select “My PC Games” and log in using the same credentials you used in GeForce Experience.

Once logged in, you should see your full game-list from the GeForce PC.

Your account also grants you access to 20 cloud-hosted games via the new NVIDIA GRID Gaming Service.

Send Us Your Feedback

Creating an account and logging in may seem like a bit of work in the beginning, but in the long run it'll let us build more exciting features, simplify the setup process, and make the experience more cohesive. This the first time we're introducing accounts so we very much appreciate your feedback. Share your thoughts in the official GeForce Experience 2.2 Beta and SHIELD Hub Beta feedback threads, or click the "Send Feedback" button in GeForce Experience. We look forward to hearing from you!