New GeForce Experience and SHIELD Hub Updates Simplify Remote GameStream

GeForce Experience, SHIELD Hub

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GeForce Experience and SHIELD Hub are both getting an update today. Users should see quality and stability improvements for both applications. In addition, we’ve revamped GameStream—users can now login to their NVIDIA Account to pair their devices. Remote GameStream now works without the need for manual router configuration. GRID users can now play using multiple game controllers.

Easy GameStream Pairing Using Login

As NVIDIA develops more and more gaming features and services, we want our users to be able to access them with a single login. To that end we've created a unified system that'll allow you to log in to GeForce Experience for access to future services, pair GeForce Experience with any number of SHIELD devices, and access the NVIDIA GeForce forums.

Currently, SHIELD owners connect to their PC by generating a four digit code and entering it on the PC, and by configuring router settings. Now, devices are automatically setup for streaming once logged in. Simply login using the same credentials in GeForce Experience, and your PC games will automatically show up in SHIELD Hub.

If your devices aren't already paired, below are the steps for using the new system.

Go to GeForce Experience -> Preferences -> GameStream -> SHIELD devices and select "Forget devices" to unpair your SHIELD.

Next, log in to GeForce Experience using the new button on the top right corner.

Click 'Log-In' to begin

A new window appears and you have two choices: log in with a new NVIDIA account that you can create from the window, or log in with your Google account. We recommend logging in with the same Google account you use on SHIELD to minimize setup.

Log in with a NVIDIA account (created by clicking ‘Register now’), or log in with your Google account.

Log In To SHIELD Hub

On your SHIELD device, make sure you're using the newest SHIELD Hub software, open the app, select “My PC Games” and log in using the same credentials you used in GeForce Experience.

Once logged in, you should see your full game-list from the GeForce PC.

Your account also grants you access to over 40 cloud-hosted games via the NVIDIA GRID Gaming Service. The latest addition to the ever-growing list of playable games is the graphically-advanced mystery, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Log on today to play this fantastic game for free.

The new login based pairing feature is the new way to use remote GameStream. Because it uses a cloud infrastructure, it no longer requires manual router configuration and is more secure. If you are current pin-paired, be sure to switch to login-based pairing to use remote GameStream.

GeForce Experience Release Highlights

  • GeForce Experience now keeps itself always up to date
  • New way to pair your PC and SHIELD using NVIDIA accounts
  • Remote GameStream now works without manual router configuration
  • Bug fixes

SHIELD Hub Release Highlights

  • Adds multi-controller support for NVIDIA GRID gaming service
  • New way to pair your PC and SHIELD using NVIDIA Account
  • Remote GameStream now works without manual router configuration
  • Fixes GameStream connection issues
  • Fixes app crash when loading news

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