GeForce Experience Officially Released

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Today, we are officially releasing GeForce Experience, the companion application for your GeForce graphics card that optimizes your game settings and keeps your drivers up to date.

Since the initial beta release this past January, GeForce Experience has been met with an overwhelming response from the 2.5 million gamers who downloaded the app and submitted 30,000 feedback entries. PC Gamer called GeForce Experience “an incredible bit of software, and important for PC gaming moving forward.”

GeForce Experience’s recommended game settings are based on the speed of your CPU and GPU, and are designed to keep you gaming at a fluid frame rate even in the most demanding, action-packed moments of a game.

Today, GeForce Experience sheds its beta moniker and officially launches with version 1.5. Eighty games are now supported, including the latest titles such as Metro: Last Light, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and popular online Chinese games.

GeForce Experience works by tapping into the NVIDIA Cloud, a vast server farm that tests the most popular games across a wide range of hardware configurations. Games are tested across different GPUs, CPUs, and monitor resolutions. Different combinations of graphics settings are evaluated and the settings that produce the best image quality and performance are chosen for each hardware configuration. GeForce Experience takes the guesswork out of setting up your games—click “Optimize” and your games are automatically set with the optimal settings and ready to go.

Thanks to your feedback from the beta we’ve expanded support to cover Core 2 CPUs, SLI systems, and non-standard monitor resolutions. In today’s release, and throughout the coming weeks, we’ll also be rolling out improved settings for low-end systems, improving the balance between performance and image quality.

Automatic Driver Updates

In addition to optimizing your game settings, GeForce Experience notifies you of new driver releases and downloads them automatically should you so desire. This feature also automatically downloads GeForce Experience support for new games, as well as SLI and 3D Vision profiles, ensuring you receive the optimum experience whenever you load up a game.

Next Up: ShadowPlay

Although we’ve reached our official release milestone, we are far from done with GeForce Experience. This summer we’ll be introducing a new feature called ShadowPlay—a hardware accelerated, “always-on” video recorder that makes it super easy to capture your greatest gaming moments.

ShadowPlay leverages the H.264 encoder built in Kepler GPUs (GeForce GTX 600 series or higher) to record high quality, 1080p gameplay footage on the fly. Because it utilizes a dedicated hardware encoder, ShadowPlay lets you capture gameplay footage fulltime without tanking your framerate.

ShadowPlay promises to revolutionize game footage capture by leveraging the high-speed, integrated Kepler encoder that also powers NVIDIA Shield PC game streaming.

In addition to traditional game capture, ShadowPlay users can activate “Shadow Mode,” which continually records and saves a pre-determined amount of footage to disk. If you pull off an outrageous mid-air maneuver in Battlefield 3, simply hit a hotkey and your moment of glory is instantly saved and ready for sharing on YouTube.

Download Now

GeForce Experience 1.5 is available now as a standalone download, and as an optional install in every performance-enhancing GeForce driver, beginning with 320.18 WHQL, which increases performance by up to 20% in Tomb Raider, 20% in DiRT Showdown, 10% in Metro: Last Light, 8% in Assassin’s Creed III, 6% in Far Cry 3, and 5% in BioShock Infinite.

As usual, we look forward to your feedback!