NVIDIA Highlights: Never Miss Your Best Gaming Moments

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NVIDIA Highlights Key Visual

Since 2013 our GeForce Experience application has enabled gamers to record gameplay with ShadowPlay technology, now integrated into the GeForce Experience Overlay. With a minimal performance impact, options for high-quality 4K 60 FPS recordings, always-on and manual saving, and built-in uploading, GeForce Experience is a great way for gamers to capture incredible feats, take awesome screenshots, and share their passion for gaming with friends.

Today, we're unveiling NVIDIA Highlights, a new GeForce Experience feature that developers can integrate into their games to automatically capture key moments, clutch kills, and match-winning plays, ensuring your best gaming moments are automatically saved.

To help demonstrate the power of NVIDIA Highlights, we've teamed up with Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions to integrate this new feature into their upcoming competitive multiplayer first-person shooter, LawBreakers.

With NVIDIA Highlights, players' best moments are identified by the game and automatically captured - whether they be the completion of an achievement, the besting of a boss, or a kill or death streak, so you can focus on playing your game instead of capturing video, and never again miss the opportunity to share your best plays and hilarious deaths with friends.

In LawBreakers, NVIDIA Highlights enables players to have in-game events ranging from multi-kill Annihilations to buzzer-beater game-winning scores be automatically recorded and saved.

At the end of each match, in-game menus will give you the option to review a carousel of videos and screenshots through the GeForce Experience overlay, and from there you can quickly review or share to YouTube, Facebook, Google Photos, or Imgur.

Users are given full control over which Highlights are captured, and whether the feature is on or off, so gamers only get the types of videos they want. And the amount of storage space used is limited to avoid your hard drive overflowing with your awesomeness.

For further news on this and other GeForce Experience features, stay tuned to GeForce.com. And don't forget to sign up for a forthcoming LawBreakers Beta, coming soon!

For game developers interested in accessing the NVIDIA Highlights SDK, register to be notified on the NVIDIA Devzone.