GeForce GTX Is Game Ready For Windows 10 & DirectX 12

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Windows 10 is here. Featuring an entirely new browser, the voice-recognition-enabled Cortana personal assistant, the best bits of previous Windows releases, and much, much more, Windows 10 is expected to see rapid adoption and massive support. And of course, it’s free for owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8 until this time next year.

For gamers though, the key new feature is DirectX 12, a transformative update that changes much of the underlying rendering technology developed since the API’s initial release in 1995. This long-awaited update enables previously-impossible graphical effects, improved performance, and the creation of new games with bigger, better, richer, more dynamic, more immersive worlds.

On NVIDIA-powered systems, all you need to do is install Windows 10 and you’re good to go – Game Ready drivers are already available via Windows Update, our expansive set of technologies are already supported, and your favorite games are ready and waiting.

If you’re a regular reader this should come as no surprise: NVIDIA has been Microsoft’s partner of choice for key DirectX 12 demos, beginning with the API’s first public debut at GDC 2014 where a Forza Motorsport DirectX 12 technology demo was shown on the GeForce GTX TITAN Black. Since then we’ve helped demonstrate Fable Legends, the first Microsoft-published DirectX 12 game, the first 4-Way SLI DirectX 12 demo (featuring incredible graphics), the first CryEngine DirectX 12 demo, and the first explicit multi-adapter DirectX 12 demo, which utilized the available processing power of the CPU’s Integrated Graphics Processor to boost performance.

Event Showcase Demo GPU Used
GDC 2014 1st DX12 Game Demo Forza DX12 GeForce GTX TITAN Black
GDC 2015 1st Confirmed DX12 Game Demo Fable Legends DX12 GeForce GTX 980
BUILD 2015 1st 4-way SLI DX12 Demo WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry] DX12 4 x GeForce GTX TITAN X
BUILD 2015 1st CryEngine DX12 Demo King of Wushu DX12 GeForce GTX 980
BUILD 2015 1st Explicit Multi-adapter DX12 Demo Unreal Engine 4 GeForce + CPU IGP

We’ve also helped developers demonstrate DirectX 12 titles at trade shows and expos, and given developers around the world a stable platform on which to create their next-gen DirectX 12 experiences.

For further details on DirectX 12 gaming stay tuned to for GamesCom 2015 coverage next week, and for additional coverage in the coming months.

In the meantime, wish to learn more about Windows 10, DirectX 12, and the possibilities that await? Then keep on reading.

New & Improved Visual Effects

NVIDIA has been working with Microsoft for years on the development of DirectX 12, with key hardware features being integrated into all Maxwell, Kepler, and Fermi GPU architectures to maximize functionality and performance. With each generation of GPU we’ve also taken the opportunity to include hardware support for new visual effects technologies, which we can finally utilize with the release of Windows 10.

In-game, enhancements from these features include higher-quality graphics with reduced memory usage, the use of millions of unique textures per scene, higher-quality and more complex visual effects, efficient multi-resolution shadow maps, high-quality Ray Traced shadows free of aliasing, and higher-quality transparency rendering.

Highly detailed smoke, fire, and lighting effects, far in advance of what’s currently available, are just some of the possibilities enabled by DirectX 12.

Improved Performance

In addition to new and more realistic visual effects, DirectX 12 promises to improve performance through a number of API changes, software features, and hardware features. Of these improvements, draw call optimizations are likely to have the most immediate impact, relieving CPU bottlenecks in open world games, and in large-scale strategy titles.

Under DirectX 11, NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPUs were the most efficient, with the lowest overheads and the best multi-threaded performance. With DirectX 12, CPU overheads are further reduced, improving CPU and GPU performance, enabling the creation of more detailed experiences without any hardware changes.

GeForce GTX draw call performance was continuously optimized on previous versions of DirectX, with no further room for improvement. With DirectX 12 we see an immediate, massive improvement through changes to the underlying technology.

The Future Of Gaming Is Bright With Windows 10

In the immediate future DirectX 12 titles and titles updated with DirectX 12 functionality will leverage Windows 10’s new API for improved performance. Later, we’ll see the introduction of entirely new effects and the use of DirectX 12 in all aspects of development, enabling rich, detailed experiences, and significantly improved performance in demanding 4K and VR scenarios.

On the software side, PC gamers will benefit greatly from Microsoft’s new cross-platform focus, which will see several triple-A Xbox One games launched on PC, the introduction of Xbox to PC cross-platform multiplayer, and the introduction of new features intended to improve the PC game playing experience. In addition to all that, we have the continuing expansion of digital distribution and indie game development, and the many other unique positives of PC gaming.

Combined, it’s fair to say that we’re entering another PC gaming golden age.

Whether you begin your exploration of the new possibilities today, or later down the line when DirectX 12 games are available, you’ll always have a fantastic experience with a GeForce GTX GPU thanks to Game Ready drivers, NVIDIA’s extensive suite of features, and DirectX 12 API support across three generations of GPUs.