GeForce Cards Receive Best-of-2010 Awards

December 27, 2010

By Jimmy Thang

2010 has been a good year for NVIDIA GPUs. While that may sound like a smug comment coming from, a couple of websites happen to agree. With some 2010 awards now behind us, recently awarded the GeForce GTX 570s as the best dual GPU card on the market.

GeForce GTX 570

"We've been banging our heads together all day on this one; two Radeon HD 6970s in CrossFire or two GeForce GTX 570s in SLI? It's a close call, and performance from both setups is phenomenal, but we've opted for the latter." added, "It could have gone either way, but some of the HEXUS team has recently started to see eye-to-eye with 3D Vision." In addition, the website noted that "sensible tweaks in the Fermi architecture and a revised cooler makes this second-rung 500-series card a genuinely better bet than the previous champ, GeForce GTX 480. It's just as fast in games but, importantly, is cheaper, quieter and less power-hungry."

For more information on the GeForce 570, check out its product page.

GeForce GTX 460

In other positive GeForce news, also bestowed some prestigious 2010 honors for some NVIDIA GPUs. The hardware website called the GeForce GTX 460 the "mid-range darling" GPU card for a big part of 2010:

"While the first batch of GF100 Fermi GPUs, used in the GTX 480 1.5GB, GTX 470 1.3GB and the GTX 465 1GB were typically hot, power hungry, noisy and not fast enough to convincingly topple ATI from its throne, the GTX 460 1GB changed all that. Cool running, quiet, and with performance that could sometimes match the Radeon HD 5850 1GB, the £170 GTX 460 1GB soon became the mid-range darling, and its overclocking performance was unbelievably good - most cards will easily reach 800MHz core. While its position has is now contested with the Radeon HD 6850 1GB, the GTX 460 1GB made choosing a mid range GPU an easy decision for a big part of the year."

For more information on the GeForce 460, check out its product page.

GeForce GTX 580

Last but certainly not least, also had some great things to say about NVIDIA's latest powerhouse, the GeForce GTX 580:

"Similarly, after the disappointing all round performance of the GTX 480 1.5GB and GTX 470 1.3GB, eight months later we were treated to what Fermi GPUs can really do with the release of the GTX 580 1.5GB. The GF110 GPU at the heart of the GTX 580 1.5GB uses low power transistors on the non-performance sensitive components, solving the heat and noise issues of the original GF100 architecture, while allowing for ten per cent higher clock speeds across the board. The unlocking of the last block of 32 stream processors was the coup de grâce, allowing the GTX 580 1.5GB to out perform the GTX 480 1.5GB by up to 30 per cent in some cases." concluded that the result is a "colossally powerful single GPU, which can cope with all current games with ease."

For more information on the GeForce GTX 580, check out its product page.

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