GeForce ShadowPlay Captures Your Favorite Titanfall Moments

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Recently, NVIDIA, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment joined forces to give press and prominent YouTubers a pre-release look at the Titanfall PC beta, which played host to hundreds of thousands of gamers during its short window of availability. Each PC at the preview event was loaded with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti, and a copy of GeForce Experience, enabling assembled critics and personalities to capture direct feed 1920x1080 gameplay with ShadowPlay, our free, critically-acclaimed gameplay recording software.

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GeForce ShadowPlay Captures Your Favorite Titanfall Moments
NVIDIA’s Ben Berraondo presents a recap of the Titanfall event, featuring guest appearances from Syndicate, Ali-A, and Vikkstar123. A 1920x1080 copy can be downloaded here, and a YouTube version can be seen here.

GeForce ShadowPlay’s revolutionary gameplay capture technology has been used to capture and upload over 3,000,000 videos since its launch last October. Unlike traditional software capture applications, ShadowPlay utilizes H.264 encoder chips built into every GeForce GTX 600 and 700 Series desktop GPU to capture gameplay on a hardware level, minimizing the performance impact associated with gameplay capture. Furthermore, gameplay recording has minimal impact on hard disk usage, recorded H.264 files are considerably smaller than those of other software solutions, and said files are automatically compatible with YouTube’s upload service, removing the need to reencode and compress before distribution to the masses.

Of particular note is the DVR-like Shadow Mode, which constantly records up to 20 minutes of gameplay to a buffer, ready to be saved to disk upon the press of a user-defined hotkey. With this innovative addition, any “did you see that?!” moments can be instantly saved to disk, and all the boring bits discarded. Previous capture solutions required continuous recording, filling hard drives with hours of unwanted footage; of course, should you wish to record continually, ShadowPlay caters to your needs with a traditional Manual recording mode, too. And as with Shadow recordings, the performance impact is minimal, file sizes are lower than those of many software solutions, and the recordings are ready for instant upload to video sharing sites.

If you prefer to share in real-time, you can also stream gameplay to Twitch, directly through GeForce Experience using ShadowPlay’s capture technology. This easy-to-use, free, one-click solution ‘just works’, without the requirement for additional hardware or software. And unlike other solutions, the game’s framerate isn’t capped to the framerate of the stream, keeping gameplay silky-smooth for the streamer. You can even add a cam overlay to your stream, giving your broadcasts that personal touch.

All of these features, and more, work flawlessly without fuss in Titanfall’s beta, and in the final version of the game, which is scheduled for a March 11th release in North America, and a March 14th release in Europe. To get your system ready, download GeForce Experience today.