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GeForce Small Form Factor PCs

Not too long ago you needed self-taught skills and deep pockets to build a high-end PC capable of conquering the latest and greatest games. Systems were large, predominantly beige, and very, very noisy. Now, it's easier than ever to build your own system using online tutorials, but for many the prospect of assembling a computer remains a frightening prospect. For those gamers, boutique system builders are the solution, offering a range of systems at different price points, using the highest-quality components, and a variety of desirable chassis. With perfect cable management, color-matched cooling solutions, and excellent post-sale support, these boutique builders are also attracting those who are happy to build their own systems, such is desirability of their out-of-the-box, plug 'n' play systems.

Within this booming boutique market, Small Form Factor (SFF) systems have proven to be the most popular, squeezing components into tiny cases without compromising on all-important gaming performance. Packing in the latest graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, and cooling innovations, these SFF systems stand toe-to-toe with classically-designed towers, running games like Metro: Last Light at identical frame rates. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with air cooling or watercooling, many of these systems leverage the fantastic performance of our new, compact GeForce GTX 700 Series graphics cards, and the ultimate GPU, the GeForce GTX TITAN, which is capable of playing games at 4K resolutions on the latest and greatest super-high-definition TVs.

To further evolve the Small Form Factor landscape, we'’ve partnered with the best boutique builders to develop a range of GeForce Small Form Factor PCs that include the latest whisper-quiet GeForce GTX 700 Series graphics cards, the latest energy-efficient Intel Haswell CPUs, and pre-installed, pre-configured copies of GeForce Experience, allowing buyers to literally plug '‘n’' play. Each system offers extreme performance and operates silently in a beautiful, compact case.

Falcon Northwest - Tiki SFF PC
Falcon Northwest's Tiki SFF PC

For most buyers, SFF'’s biggest benefit boon is the form factor'’s trademark size, its whisper-quiet acoustics, and the ability to integrate with HDTVs and home theatre systems. Some SFFs are so small, in fact, that they can sit alongside AV Receivers, connecting directly to their HDMI inputs and outputs. Many also come equipped with Blu-Ray players and high-quality audio systems, removing the need for dedicated Blu-Ray players and music streamers.

Being PCs, all SFF systems can also stream Hulu or Netflix straight onto your HDTV, play purchased content from iTunes and Amazon, and play all of your MP3s through your home cinema speakers. Essentially, one SFF system can eliminate the need for Blu-Ray players, music players, streaming boxes like WDTV Live, cable boxes, and pretty much anything else you can think of. And of course, they play all the latest PC games.

CyberPower PC - Lan III Xtreme 2 SFF PC
CyberPower PC's LAN III Xtreme 2 SFF PC

Talking of PC games, it's never been easier to play on a HDTV thanks to Steam's Big Picture mode, which allows gamers to access every function of Steam through a controller, and play many of Steam's most popular titles without ever touching the keyboard or mouse (look for "Big Picture" and "Full controller support" on store pages).

Steam Big Picture
Steam's Big Picture mode makes SFF couch-based PC gaming a breeze.

If you're new to PC gaming, you may find the number of configuration options in a game overwhelming. Commonly, gamers cite this as a reason for favoring consoles, where you simply put the disc in and play. To solve this problem and make PC gaming accessible to all, we've developed GeForce Experience, which allows you to automatically configure your games with one click.

Using cloud servers we scan your system for its exact hardware configuration, to upload settings that give you the perfect balance between performance and graphical fidelity. Also included in the upload are screenshots showing each setting in action in-game, and easy-to-understand explanations of what they do.

GeForce Experience’'s recommended game settings are based on the speed of your CPU and GPU, and are designed to keep you gaming at a fluid frame rate even in the most demanding, action-packed moments of a game.

In addition to one-click game settings, GeForce Experience automatically downloads new game profiles for SLI and 3D Vision setups, and notifies you when new drivers are released. With a few additional clicks the driver is automatically downloaded and installed, boosting performance in games and adding support the latest releases. Between GeForce Experience and Windows Update, PC owners never again have to scout for the latest drivers or worry about incompatibility issues.

Digital Storm - Bolt SFF PC
Digital Storm's Bolt SFF PC

To accommodate every price point, our partners are offering GeForce Small Form Factor PCs equipped with GeForce GTX 760s, 770s, 780s, and TITANs, the "ultimate small form factor gaming video card" according to HardOCP. Our launch articles for the GTX 760, 770, 780 and TITAN give you complete details about each, but in short the cards are whisper quiet thanks to new fan technology, run games at high-to-maximum detail levels at 1920x1080 to 2560x1600, and feature our latest hardware and software innovations that enhance games and the user experience.

iBuyPower - Revolt SFF PC
iBuyPower's Revolt SFF PC

Each system utilizes Intel's Haswell CPUs, which are faster, cooler, and quieter than previous-generation Intel CPUs at stock speeds, thanks to improved energy efficiency and design improvements, 8-to-16 Gigabytes of speedy DDR3 RAM, gamer-focused motherboards, sizeable hard drivers for the storage of movies, TV shows and music, and SSDs to reduce game loading times. Furthermore, many of the systems can be further tuned to your personal preference before purchase.

Maingear - Rush SFF PC
Maingear's watercooled Rush SFF PC

Full details of each system can be found on the SFF home pages of our partners, accessible via the links below:


With a GeForce Small Form Factor PC under your TV you'll be enjoying the latest games at high-to-maximum settings at the Full HD resolutions supported by modern TVs, and you'll also be able to enjoy every other available form of entertainment, because anything a dedicated box can do, the PC already does.

Whether that's playing and streaming Blu-Ray movies, playing music, emulating the Nintendo Wii with Dolphin's fantastic enhancements, playing live TV through streams or cable boxes, or streaming entire seasons of Breaking Bad from Netflix, GeForce Small Form Factor PCs do it all and do it better than costly, separate, specialized boxes.

V3 Gaming PC - Move SFF PC
V3 Gaming PC's Move SFF System

GeForce Small Form Factor PC are available now from approved NVIDIA partners. And for a limited time, you can also get Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Digital Deluxe Edition free with qualifying GeForce GTX graphics cards and systems, like the SFFs detailed above.

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