GeForce UK Goes Live

March 22, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

GeForce UK has officially launched today, and to mark the event a prize-packed treasure hunt has begun. Simply scour our site, locate a green NVIDIA treasure chest, screenshot the page, and then send the image via our submission form. If you’re the first to find that particular chest you win the prize, be that a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 580, a GeForce GTX 570, a ZOTAC ZBOX, or any number of other fantastic prizes.

With a lot of the same information, news, features and guides as, GeForce UK will also include stories relating to UK events and any games that are relevant to our UK and Northern European audience, such as FIFA. Developed using HTML 5, GeForce UK loads faster, uses fewer system resources, and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

GeForce UK also offers a few new features that will eventually launch on, when it joins the HTML 5 revolution. Chief amongst those is the ability to rate and review the latest games – from its gameplay, to its graphics, to its SLI support; you can have your say on how developers build their games, and how they utilise the power and features of your NVIDIA hardware.

Optimal Playable Settings can now be printed to paper, so no longer do you have to tab out to check settings, and you can now compare prices of the latest GPUs from UK retailers. We feel these are valuable additions and changes to the GeForce site, but we want your feedback to make GeForce UK even better – submit your comments before May 2nd and you’ll be in with a chance to win a complete NVIDIA 3D Vision bundle consisting of a GeForce GTX 580, Viewsonic 120Hz 3D Monitor, and a pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses. Two GeForce GTX 460s and a games bundle are also on offer for our second and third place winners.

NVIDIA hopes you enjoy the all new GeForce UK and continue to visit as we grow and develop the site. Follow us on Twitter for immediate access to announcements, news, features and competitions, and sound off in the forums to make your voice heard to other members of the NVIDIA community. Our newsletters can also keep you in the loop with NVIDIA news, and will inform you of new driver releases as they occur. With the aforementioned services and the content of GeForce UK, you can make the most of your NVIDIA graphics card now and in the future.