Grab Your SHIELD and Burn Some Rubber in GRID 2


Burn rubber and dodge squirrels as you compete in the World Series of Racing in GRID 2, the latest #GRIDTuesday addition to the NVIDIA GRID Game Service, which is available exclusively to SHIELD owners.

Not only is GRID 2 one of the most visually impressive racing games you’ll find, it’s also one of the most fun to play thanks to game mechanics and handling characteristics that strike a pleasing balance between arcade and simulation. This accessibility is a major reason why GRID 2 enjoys a four-star average rating on MetaCritic. Of course, if you’ve already played Race Driver GRID—also available in the GRID Games library—you already know you’re in for a treat.

And yes, you will see the occasional squirrel dart across the road as you compete against the world’s best drivers in a variety of events such as Race, Time Attack, Drift, Eliminator, and Vehicle Challenges. Squirrels are just one of the many visual details that add to GRID 2’s lush, realistic settings that span the globe from the U.S. to Europe and Asia. And no, try as you might, you can’t hit them. (We tried so you don’t have to.)

GRID 2 includes dozens of cars from some of the world’s biggest names such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, McLaren, and Jaguar. You start out with access to only a few, and must earn the keys to more through your racing skills. So grab your SHIELD, start your engine, and start unlocking cars already!

To play, just navigate to the GRID Games menu inside the SHIELD Hub app, select GRID 2 from the list of available titles, and enjoy.

The GRID Games library now includes 32 games valued at more than $500 that you can play on-demand on your SHIELD device for free. And NVIDIA’s committed to releasing new games every week on #GRIDTuesday—so mark your calendars.

GRID is an on-demand gaming service that streams a library of popular games to SHIELD devices in high definition, with fluid frame rates and low latency. GRID is like Netflix for games, and it’s available exclusively to SHIELD owners in North America and most of Western Europe for free though June 30, 2015. Coverage will be expanded to include Germany and the Asia Pacific Region next year. Go here to learn more.