Grand Theft Auto V 60 FPS PC Trailer Released. Watch Now

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Grand Theft Auto V arrives on PC April 14th with higher-resolution textures, higher-quality effects, extra music, PC-exclusive graphical enhancements, and frame rates as fast your PC will allow. Before today we've been treated to a bevy of 4K PC screenshots by Rockstar, but now we can sink our teeth into a juicy 60 FPS PC trailer that gives you your first taste of what awaits.

Expect to hear much, much more about Grand Theft Auto V PC in the very near future, right here on In the meantime, tell us which aspects of the game excite you most in the Comments section below, and whether you've geared up your PC for glorious 60 FPS Grand Theft Auto V.

April 3rd Update

Rockstar has released a new PC trailer featuring the co-op multiplayer heists:

Of note: the trailer's footage was shot exclusively with the in-game video editor.