Grand Theft Auto V: Enhance Your Experience With A Whole Host Of NVIDIA Technologies

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Grand Theft Auto V is the highest-rated, most critically acclaimed game of the past decade, and now available for PC. Featuring higher-resolution textures, higher-quality effects, uncapped framerates, an extra radio station, a robust suite of video editing tools, and many other enhancements, the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V is primed to be the best yet. And with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card your experience will be enhanced with a multitude of NVIDIA technologies.

The debut Grand Theft Auto V PC trailer at 60 frames per second.

As you can see from Rockstar’s trailer, Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos and Blaine County have received an extra layer of polish for their PC outing, and with NVIDIA GameWorks Percentage Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS) you can improve fidelity further still. PCSS, if you’re unaware, introduces shadows that progressively and smoothly soften as the distance from the casting object increases, as in real life. For example, the shadow from the trunk of a tree will be sharp, and the shadows on the leaves seen some distance away will be soft.

NVIDIA GameWorks’ PCSS will enhance this stunning scene and all others in Grand Theft Auto V.

Also helping with graphical fidelity is NVIDIA TXAA, a cinematic anti-aliasing technique that greatly reduces aliasing screen-wide, in addition to tackling temporal aliasing, the unsightly shimmering of anti-aliased surfaces that occurs when the camera or player’s perspective moves.

Reduce temporal aliasing of fine details with NVIDIA TXAA.

If you prefer to use Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA), we recommend enabling NVIDIA Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing (MFAA). This new GeForce GTX 900 Series-exclusive anti-aliasing technique appears identical to MSAA, yet runs 10-30% faster, improving your frame rate and giving you the option to enable additional effects like the aforementioned PCSS.

Activate MFAA with GeForce Experience’s one-click Optimal Grand Theft Auto V profile, or enable MFAA in the NVIDIA Control Panel and the MSAA option in-game, and instantly receive faster framerates.

Alternatively, you could use your improved performance to crank up the resolution with Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), an easy to use GeForce Experience and NVIDIA Control Panel feature that delivers 4K-quality graphics to 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 monitors. It’s the most effective way to massively increase graphical fidelity once other settings are maxed out, and is how enthusiasts produce jaw-dropping screenshots.

At higher resolutions every game element is more detailed, distant detail is rendered at a higher quality, and everything simply looks better.

In addition to single-screen modes, with or without G-SYNC, Grand Theft Auto V also supports triple-screen Surround and G-SYNC Surround monitor configurations, enabling you to see significantly more of Los Santos at any given moment.

Furthermore, Grand Theft Auto V supports 3D Vision, enabling you to experience Los Santos and Blaine County in immersive stereoscopic 3D when using a 3D Vision monitor and a set of 3D Vision glasses. Of note, many G-SYNC monitors are also 3D Vision compatible, so if you've upgraded to G-SYNC you will only need a 3D Vision Kit to begin your new-dimension exploration of Grand Theft Auto V.

To support and drive all of these features at peak performance on our vast range of graphics cards, we've released a Grand Theft Auto V GeForce GTX Game Ready driver. Included is are Grand Theft Auto V SLI and 3D Vision profiles, and Game Ready optimizations to ensure the best possible GPU performance. For further details and an immediate download head here, or you can let GeForce Experience automatically download the driver for you when our handy-dandy application checks for updates.

GeForce Experience also enables you to configure Grand Theft Auto V’s many game settings with a single click, instantly giving you Optimal Playable Settings for your specific system configuration. This one-click feature activates MFAA and DSR, too, if your system and settings are compatible, giving you the best possible experience.

In addition to driver updates and Optimal Playable Settings, GeForce Experience pairs with SHIELD devices to activate GameStream, a tool that enables you to play your PC games remotely on a SHIELD device, or on a TV via a SHIELD device. This can be done at home on WiFi, or out on the road with fast WiFi and 4G LTE, enabling you to continue your virtual life of crime from anywhere in the world with speedy Internet.

“But...” you’re surely saying, “Am I ready for Grand Theft Auto V PC?” As long as you meet the system requirements, yes, and while we can’t share benchmarks at this time, we can share some general recommendations for playing Grand Theft Auto V PC at 60 FPS at various detail levels and resolutions. For personalized settings for your specific system, be sure to Optimize with GeForce Experience.

Resolution & Detail Level Recommended Config
1920x1080, Medium, FXAA GeForce GTX 660
1920x1080, High, FXAA GeForce GTX 760
1920x1080, Max Settings, FXAA GeForce GTX 980 or 970
1920x1080, Max Settings, 4x TXAA GeForce GTX TITAN X or comparable SLI config
2560x1440, Max Settings, FXAA GeForce GTX TITAN X or comparable SLI config
2560x1440, Max Settings, 4x TXAA GeForce GTX TITAN X 2-Way SLI
3840x2160, Max Settings, FXAA GeForce GTX TITAN X 2-Way SLI
3840x2160, Max Settings, 4x TXAA GeForce GTX TITAN X 3-Way SLI

System Config: Intel i7-4770K, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Grand Theft Auto V Game Ready GeForce GTX Driver

For the complete lowdown on Grand Theft Auto V PC stay tuned for our Graphics & Performance Guide. In the meantime, let us know in the comments which NVIDIA technologies you’ll be utilizing to enhance your Grand Theft Auto V PC experience.