#GRIDTuesday Lets You Be The Dark Knight on SHIELD


It’s #GRIDTuesday, and that means more new games are available in the GRID library for you to enjoy on your SHIELD. We hope you like The Dark Knight as much as we do because this week’s releases are Batman: Arkham Origins and LEGO Batman: The Video Game!

Origins is the third game in the Arkham series, and now you can play all of them on GRID. The trilogy has received critical acclaim from press and fans for its unique blend of combat, stealth, and role-playing elements. Set before the events of the previous games, Origins puts you in the cape of a young Batman faced with having to outwit eight deadly assassins who’ve come to Gotham to kill him and terrorize the city.

Meanwhile, LEGO Batman’s combination of puzzle-solving, exploration, combat, and brick-building elements is sure to please any gamer in your family. Plus, fans of the Batman comics will enjoy the original story that challenges you to track down and defeat Gotham’s most notorious criminals. Now you can enjoy the first two LEGO Batman games on your SHIELD tablet or portable!

The addition of these titles expands the GRID library to 24 games valued at more than $400, which you can play on-demand on your SHIELD device for free through June 30, 2015. And NVIDIA’s committed to releasing new games every week on #GRIDTuesday—so mark your calendars!

GRID is an on-demand gaming service that streams a library of popular games to SHIELD devices in high definition, with fluid frame rates and low latency. GRID is like Netflix for games, and it’s available exclusively to SHIELD owners in North America and most of Western Europe for free though June 30, 2015. Coverage will be expanded to include Germany and the Asia Pacific Region next year. Go here to learn more.