GeForce GTX 570 Reviews Roundup

GeForce GTX 570 Reviews Roundup

We just launched the GTX 570, the little brother to the GTX 580. The more affordable graphics card is retailing for a MSRP of $349. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not this card is for you, check out what the critics are saying about it:

On value “At $349 USD dollars, the GTX 570 is designed to offer gamers a more affordable option than that of the GTX 580, yet maintain a very high level of performance while using maximum settings across even the highest resolutions… there currently is not another graphics card available that can match its performance in the $350 dollar price range.”

On running a single card “GeForce GTX 570 is perhaps most attractive to the enthusiasts who don’t want to pay flagship prices, but only have room for a single dual-slot card…The bottom line today is that Nvidia has a solid solution for anyone looking to run one high-performance graphics card.”

On improving the formula “While the GTX 580 made a relatively large splash in the upper end price bracket and surprised quite a few people, the GTX 570 is like a thermonuclear bomb going off. This $350 card completely obliterates the GTX 470 and manages to run neck and neck with a GTX 480 in the vast majority of games while consuming significantly less power. Its performance was simply awe-inspiring for a product that costs less than $400.” “It is important to note that GF110 offers superior power/performance ratio and most certainly better acoustic properties compared to the GF100, which is used on the GTX 480.”

On running cool and quiet “…The vapor-chamber is the green teams latest reference heatsink design that is used on the 500 series graphics cards to reduce the overall operating temperature, while at the same time maintaining lower acoustic level. The vapor-chamber design worked exceptionally well in combination with the GF110 GPU on the GTX 580, and since this model has a slightly lower TDP, it should prove just as - if not even more so - effective in cooling the GTX 570 GPU. Additionally, the GTX 570 incorporates NVIDIA's Adaptive fan controller to aid even further in the acoustic reduction.” “Temperatures and acoustics are two areas where the GF110 absolutely excels and the GTX 570 continues this trend.” “The GTX 570 retained the vapor chamber cooling used on GTX 580 cards, and we must admit that we like it as it’s quiet and efficient.” “The GF110 graphics processor finally has its priorities straight, and the dramatically efficient power consumption levels have reduced heat output to their lowest level in many years.” “noise is not an issue thanks to the newly designs vapor chamber coolers being used on the cards and performance is excellent”

On the competition “Taking a step back from the NVIDIA side of the fence, AMD’s own $400 HD 5870 is in a world of trouble when compared against this new Fermi powerhouse. It gets trounced at every resolution; especially the all-important 1920 x 1200 setting which is currently the “sweet spot” for many enthusiasts.” : “The GTX 570 is a deserving successor to the GTX 470 with performance that crushes the HD 5870 in just about every game test run… As it sits right here, right now, NVIDIA is sitting in the driver's seat.”

Conclusions “This isn’t business as usual in the GPU business folks; the GTX 570 is without a doubt an exciting and completely enticing graphics card. What we have here is a near perfect mix of performance with a mouth-watering pricing structure.” “The new card is designed for gamers who want to play their games at maximum graphics settings and screen resolutions but are not quite willing or capable of splashing out a small fortune for a graphics card…All in all, the watt-to-performance ratio is simply great, the card runs quietly even in intensive gaming scenarios and the card packs one mean punch. With that in mind, we would recommend the GTX 570 in a flash.” “All in all, it’s a superb card. Just like the GTX 580 1.5GB, it offers a significant jump in performance over the previous generation, it runs both cool and quiet and it’s well priced in comparison to the competition… Is it too late to change our Christmas lists?” “Sensible tweaks in the Fermi architecture and a revised cooler makes this second-rung 500-series card a genuinely better bet than the previous champ, GeForce GTX 480. It's just as fast in games but, importantly, is cheaper, quieter and less power-hungry.” “If you’re looking for a high-end card, without the ultra high-end price, the GTX 570 fits the bill.”

To learn more about the GPU, check out our product page. If you have any thoughts on the GTX 570 that you would like to share, feel free to discuss these comments on our forums.