Guild Wars 2 Available 50% Off Until May 11

Gaming News

Guild Wars 2 has made plenty of fans off its one-time buy, subscription-free model, but now it's gotten even cheaper.

Ending on May 11, ArenaNet is currently pricing their MMORPG universe at a fraction of what they usually charge, knocking down both their "Heroic" and "Digital Deluxe" edition packages by a whole 50 percent:

Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition

  • $24.99 (From $49.99)
  • Included Items: Suit of Legacy Armor, Mithril Box
  • 10 Experience Boosters

Guild Wars 2: Digital Deluxe Edition

  • $34.99 (From $69.99)
  • Included Items: Suit of Legacy Armor, Mithril Box, Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill, Miniature Rytlock, Golem Banker, Chalice of Glory, Tome of Influence
  • 10 Experience Boosters

If you've never dived into Guild Wars 2 before, it's as good a chance as any to get a quick start without spending much real-world cash on in-game currency.

Plus, if you're running a GeForce-equipped PC, there's also a few graphics-specific perks you'll get to enjoy as detailed right over here.