Hang Out with Cliff Bleszinski at the Boss Key Productions Studio

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A year after his departure from Epic Games in 2012, Cliff Bleszinski began dropping hints that he was itching to get back into game development. That wasn’t too surprising in itself, but having spent a considerable chunk of his twenty years in the videogame industry working on the console-centric Gears of War series, he pointedly suggested that he was interested in returning to PC game development to create “a proper arena shooter.” What he did not want to return to, however, was working in the massive, sprawling studio environments typically associated with AAA games.

As part of NVIDIA’s GAME24 global PC gaming throwdown, Bleszinski showed off the compact new digs of his Boss Key Production studio in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, and then joined NVIDIA and fans on a GAME24 live chat to talk about the bedrock philosophy behind the small size of the studio, what NVIDIA’s Maxwell architecture is giving them that the consoles ain’t, and what Boss Key thinks about developers chasing “the proverbial graphics dragon.”

At :40 there’s a brief shot of a project management board covered in Post-It’s. If you’ve got those Bladerunner photo enhancement skills, let us know if you dig up anything good on them.