Hard Reset: Indie FPS Now 3D Vision Ready

Gaming News

November 7th, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Hard Reset is a brilliant back-to-basics first-person shooter, eliciting memories of Painkiller and Serious Sam with its fast-paced action, crazy weapons and light hearted tone. That the Polish-made game looks fantastic, too, doesn’t hurt one bit - using a proprietary, self-developed engine, Flying Wild Hog’s indie title gives $50 million dollar games a run for their money.

Last week, the developers launched Hard Reset version 1.2, introducing a brand new Survival mode that has players facing off against endless waves of enemies in the hope of posting a top leaderboard score. In addition to the completely free piece of DLC, which also includes two new maps, version 1.2 introduces near-flawless 3D Vision, 2D Surround, and 3D Vision Surround support.

Click '3D Vision' to view a 3D version of this screenshot, demonstrating the fantastic layering, effects, and graphics.

Our top 3D Vision engineers have evaluated Hard Reset version 1.2 extensively, with one calling it “an amazing 3D Vision title.” As such, they’ve rated it 3D Vision Ready in our upcoming v290 drivers, which will also include the correct convergence settings. However, if you want to play the game now, before the driver is released, you can do so and still receive a wonderful 3D effect. There is one caveat: you must use the Recommended level of FXAA Anti-Aliasing in the in-game options menu (using 2x FXAA or 4x FXAA may result in rendering issues, as outlined in our knowledgebase article).

A large gallery of 3D Vision screenshots is available to peruse on 3DVisionLive.com, giving those of you with 3D Vision kit a great look at all the perfectly layered effects and scene elements; a 2D demo can be downloaded here; and the full game purchased here. And don’t forget, Batman: Arkham City and L.A. Noire are both around the corner, each sporting excellent 3D Vision effects, and a certain Battlefield title will be updated by the developers in the near future, too. It’s a great time to be a 3D Vision gamer!

November 22nd Update: A new patch from the game's developers allows you to now enable FXAA in 3D without issue!