GeForce GTX 580 vs. Radeon HD 5970 2GB Performance

What's faster: a single GeForce GTX 580 or AMD's fastest dual-GPU graphics card? HardOCP investigates.

Is two better than one? That's the question HardOCP tried to answer when it tested the single-GPU GeForce GTX 580 against AMD's dual-GPU Radeon HD 5890 2GB. The results are interesting to say the least. HardOCP found that while the Radeon HD 5970 delivered higher absolute framerates, the GeForce GTX 580 delivered a more consistent and better gaming experience:

"The HD 5970 delivers faster gaming framerates compared to the GeForce GT 580. However, if you look at the actual usability of those frame the picture is a bit different. The GeForce GTX 580 allows a consistently higher level of the gameplay experience compared to the Radeon HD 5970. We were able to game at higher settings with the GTX 580 than we were with the Radeon HD 5970. The most important factor, beyond framerates, is the visual quality and experience returned by the product. The GeForce GTX 580 allows a more immersive, smoother, and consistent quality of gameplay."

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