Hawken: PhysX Enhanced Free To Play Shooter Now Available Via Steam Early Access

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From humble beginnings in 2009, League of Legends has quickly become the world’s most popular game, engrossing players for hours on end each and every day. This explosion in popularity kick started the free to play revolution, showing developers how to craft profitable, high quality games that avoided unpopular “pay to win” perks.

For action fans, one of the leading free-to-play titles is Hawken, a mech-based first-person shooter that tasks players with the eradication of the enemy, or the completion of objectives, which include the destruction of futuristic flying battleships. Action occurs in a variety of locales, numerous mechs are available to unlock and master, and several roles can be played in co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, widening the game’s appeal to fans of support and sniper classes.

Hawken is now available on Steam. Game screenshot #1.

Following Hawken’s launch on Steam last week, now is the perfect time to jump into the fray, with limited-availability Early Access packs giving buyers the keys to many of the game’s mechs, plus in-game currency to spend on cosmetic upgrades and other niceties. With these packs you can quickly find a mech that suits your playstyle, and the extra in-game credits give you a head start on the customization of your mech’s flair.

In addition to fast-paced combat that relies on skill instead of pay to win microtransactions, Hawken also features NVIDIA GPU-accelerated PhysX effects, dramatically enhancing immersion, realism and image quality on GeForce GTX-powered PCs. To give you a taste, here’s a side-by-side video showing Hawken with and without PhysX effects enabled:

In total, seven Hawken effects have been enhanced through the addition of GPU-accelerated PhysX effects, and of those seven, four are powered by Turbulence. Available as part of APEX, a scalable, multi-platform toolset designed by NVIDIA to give artists quick and easy control over advanced GPU-accelerated effects, Turbulence adds the many futuristic particles seen in our video, and allows them to be manipulated by velocity fields, which simulate particle motion.

In concert, the seven PhysX enhancements bring the battlefield to life, adding a level of unscripted, dynamic action that is currently impossible to replicate through any other means. Without the effects Hawken is a fantastic and engaging first-person shooter, but with debris and particles showering the scene the free-to-play game is taken to a new level where players become ever-more immersed in the action.

To jump into the action, head on over to the Hawken Steam page.