Homefront Single-Player Trailer Brings The War Home

February 10, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

The latest Homefront video from THQ and developer Kaos draws once more on the first-person shooter’s ludicrous plot – Kim Jong Il has died, placing North Korea under control of his reformist son. Or so people believe. Instead, the new North Korean leader is plotting world domination, and what begins with the reunification of North and South Korea soon escalates into control of the whole Asian region, and eventually the invasion and occupation of North America. Today’s trailer picks up two years into the occupation, painting a gloomy picture of life on the lam from the occupying forces. Thankfully, the doom and gloom is balanced out by a rousing speech and a fair few explosions, so check it out down below, it’s a rather refreshing change from space marines and zombies, though we wouldn’t mind seeing a few zombified space marines in the next Epic action game.

With regards to the PC version of Homefront, Kaos recently confirmed a raft of exclusive features, such as NVIDIA 3D Vision support, native SLI support, dedicated servers, and so on and so forth, all of which can be read about here.